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Welcome to Sandyoaks Standard Poodles







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We are very proud of our Standard's health.
We have all hips examined for any signs of hip dysplasia/arthritis.
Sausha and Moses' and Daisy results are "good".
Wickets hips were tested very recently ,
our vet states her hips look wonderfully healthy and he gave her a good.
Bullet also got a very good report from our vet.
ANI' (pronounced AwKnee) got an excellent from our vet on his hips.
We also run several DNA tests on our dogs, including Von Wilebrands.
All our dogs have tested negative.
We also strive to ensure that we breed quality for the overall breed of Standard Poodles.
Great care and research is taken when choosing
which dog to breed to in order to achieve the lowest chances of inbreeding.
Click on individual pictures for more info on each Poodle.

A word about our pups and their care:
Our Standards are house dogs. Puppies are whelped in the house.
By the age of 3 weeks, they are moved to the puppy room.
By the age of 6 to 8 weeks, they are placed where they can see outside the back door.
Weather permitting, at 4 to 6 weeks they go outside to play for
short periods of time several times each day,
thus the beginning stages of house training.

By 9 weeks old, they are able to tell us when they need to go outside to potty,
of course, puppies aren't mature enough to be fully potty trained
until 12 to 16 weeks of age when their nervous systems are developed enough
to hold their bladder through the night.

Our puppies are handled daily by all members of our family.
They are exposed to children, vacuums, kitchen noises, and outside experiences
which allow them to develop healthy social skills
and to ease the transition into their new homes.
We take the health and care of our puppies very seriously.
We vaccinate our puppies at 6,9,12 weeks of age.

We are very proud of our pups but some stand out more than others.
From our 2010 litters we are proud to announce
Lily's Blog

From our 2009 litter we are very proud of "SANDYOAKS SILVER SAM" who has
completed his "Registered Therapy Dog, TD Inc."
this is a pdf file, Sam is an awesome boy, hope you will read it.

Please contact us at:

Judy & Jim Knight
16532 State Highway 148 S
Henrietta, TX 76365-7200

Physical location JOY,TX

Henrietta is our mailing address
United States

for more information about our Standards. We will be happy to answer
any questions you may have to help you find
the right fit of puppy for your family and lifestyle.


These four have now retired.