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Goatkeepers are an ever increasing class of specialists that do many things well.
They come in all sizes, shapes, colors and ages.

Goatkeepers are eternal optimists who expect that next year will bring that elusive
grand champion or a 4000 lb. milker.

Goatkeepers can fix anything with a piece of bailing wire, an off-sized bolt and the lid
from an old tin can.

Goatkeepers don't belong to unions, don't have a 40 hour work week, and don't need
sleeping pills and don't like people who say goats smell.

Goatkeepers witness the miracle of birth, the certainty of death and sense an order to it all.

Goatkeepers are people who teach their sons and daughters responsiblity
and workmanship before the youngsters move to the city.

Goatkeepers see the sunrise and walk alone under the stars.
They are strengthened by faith in life's order.

Goatkeepers are patience in overalls waiting for the rain to stop, the show to start
or a kid to be born.

Goatkeepers risk all the hazards of other businesses and in addition endure the
uncertainties of weather, insects, disease and the genetic potential of a high-priced buck.

Goatkeepers are persistence with weather worn faces: starting again after a storm has
flooded them out or the loss of a special animal.

Goatkeepers are exhaustion with 326 bales that must be lifted and hauled to the barn
after dark before lying down to rest.

Goatkeepers are the kind of courageous hardworking people that other people
imagine themselves to be.

Goatkeepers are the brunt of jokes.
In spite of all the criticism Goatkeepers get, they always strive for: