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Introducing the newest litter!
Daisy met Phil in February and they are now the
proud parents of 9 pups. Born April 21, 2009. I will be happy to email you pedigrees by request.

Phil's page

We have 9 puppies, 7 boys and 2 girls
It will be 2-4 weeks before we know if we have silver
or black or blue, watch for updates.

The pups are 6 weeks and we do have silvers

Thanks to all of you who have given our pups
wonderful, loving, family homes.
Sam(#1 picture) lives with Kathy in PA, he is her service boy.
Lulu(#2 picture) lives with Kristy in Arkansas and loves her little boys.
Corbin(#3 picture) lives with Kathy in Texas.
Teddy(#4 picture) lives with Paula in Texas.
Max(#5picture no new photo) lives with Jennifer and his half sister(Lexi)in Texas.
Zane(#6 no new photo) lives with Diane in Texas.
Bastian lives with Janine in Texas(#7)
Storm lives in Oklahoma, thank you Rich & Sue and Sue for all the love and opportunities you are giving him, (#8photo)
And last our girl Willow who had a rough start but is Princess of our home now.(#9photo)

Judy & Jim Knight
16532 State Highway 148 S
Henrietta, TX 76365-7200
Physical location JOY,TX
United States
940-476-2322-home phone